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Leveling Adjustable Casters Wheels

2013-10-14 22:00:05

   Our leveling casters wheels select stamping metal frame brackets.And match 2 inch or 3 inch polyamide wheels.At current the most of caster with leveling feet are in high price.
   After several months working,we have improve several key technical points,which can bring down the production cost and meanwhile improve whole adjustment casters features.

   For now we have two size: 2 inch and 3inch leveling casters. The loading capacity can be reach 350kg,and 500kg.

   Base on our strong polyamide wheels and wheel brackets and leveling feet,It can widely used as Computer racks caster,medical & laboratory equipment caster, printers, copiers, modular framing enclosures, electronic enclosures casters wheels.
   Welcome contact us for detail specifications.